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Feedback from Mom's

Feedback from the girls


1st Online


1st Online

He enjoyed lotss

Khyati Modi   

Thanks Farida. Navall and Siddhant both found it enjoyable. We were really happy to see how much they have learnt. Thank you so much.

Ajay Chordia   

Good morning Farida, tks pic were good and Khushi enjoyed to the fullest, the booklet given looks useful and creatively done too,keep up the good work. CHEERS!

Farah Khushnavi's mom   

Yes very much. Thank you. Interested in more such workshops for kids.. Pls let us know

Aparna Jayaraman   

Thank you for looking after our children over the weekend and teaching them some very important things.


Thank you Farida they did find the class too long but also enjoyed it very much particularly today's session. There definitely is more awareness about being good mannered. That you for your time and effort


Hi Farida. Good evening. Abheer n Shaarav had a lovely time in the class.. Thanks a ton.

Payal Narang   

She enjoyed the workshop. V have a trainer at home now 🙂
Happy & Satisfied.

Farah Shaheen   

They had fun